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Originally Posted by howesthehike View Post
Thanks! I'd love some ideas. I have been looking at White Goat and Siffleur but am open to anything less travelled and "wilder".

Well, I don't want to hijack this thread as it is about COVID, but here's White Goat trip I was looking into for myself. Approaching via Cataract / Cline passes, it would be a loop through "Valley of the Lakes" -- beautiful secluded area nobody goes into, dotted with lakes & quite out of this world. It would roughly transpire like this:

Day 1) Icefields Parking - Nigel Pass - Cataract Pass. Camp on the other side of Cataract Pass
Day 2) Cline Pass - cross "Col1" into Valley of the Lakes. Side Scramble up Mt. Willis (class 2, open ridgewalk), then drop and camp by one of Tarns in head of the valley

Day 3) Full day to explore Valley of the Lakes. Camp by "Cool Lake"

Day 4) Explore other side of Valley of the Lakes, then back over "Col2" and camp in Cline Pass vicinity
Day 5) Hike back to Highway

Click image for larger version

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[GE overhead map of "Valley of the Lakes" loop; Days 2,3,4. Cline pass is extreme lower left. "Cool Lake" center, camp day 3]

Click image for larger version

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[View into Valley of the Lakes from Col 1. Drop into the valley is probably the crux of entire trip (boulders, etc)]

Click image for larger version

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[View from Cline Pass; Col 1 -- entry into Valley of the Lakes left, Col 2 -- exit from Valley of the Lakes right]

This is all wilderness camping so you don't need to book anything! It is also entirely in the alpine, except maybe initial couple of km. All you need is week of bomber weather sometime in August & no smoke. With bit more ambition, scramble up Mt. Stewart from Cataract Pass bivi is great extension, class 3 according to this:

If you want more discussion or ideas, spin separate thread & we can take discussion over there.

Cataract / Cline part is well known. lobo who will probably read this, can attest how beautiful it is. For that part this is probably best report around:

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