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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
Stu - I don't have crystal ball, but the way this is going backcountry camping in Banff / Jasper will be ok this summer. Baring unforeseen circumstances, 2nd covid wave, etc. Btw, think you are somewhere east, there is unreal amount of snow in Rockies, can't remember in my 25 yrs these kind of conditions 2nd half of May. Backcountry will be in shape later than usual anyways. So nothing will really be lost.

Camping ban was always for forecountry anyways; places like Wapiti or Whistler in Jasper where half of Edmonton flocks during long weekends.

So you can plan whatever you have in mind. Hopefully someone with your back-country skills will finally venture into alpine out of valley trails and park maintained campsites too I am more than happy to give you suggestions

Thanks! I'd love some ideas. I have been looking at White Goat and Siffleur but am open to anything less travelled and "wilder".
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