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With respect to declining participation on CT (fewer informative or interesting posts, however one cares to define it), that phenomenon has afflicted every bb I have participated on or followed; some have simply closed up and gone silent.
Some have attributed it to the rise of Facebook as the dominant forum (I don't know; not on Facebook), others to meetup groups and Instagrammers = a shift in the culture.
Others find the woods overwhelmed with people, not the silent refugia they were 50 years ago.
I am very grateful that ClubTread exists. As the woods and national parks in USA get overwhelmed beyond capacity,* Canadian woods and parks offer a respite.
So you may find a gradual uptick with new blood. Time will tell.
(In the past, doing the Annapurna Circuit was an important "hiking resume" item, followed by hiking the New Zealand track. Now neither is true.)

*Also, they are burning to a crisp.
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