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Originally Posted by wojtek View Post

Has anyone been to Tunnel Bluffs starting from Lions Bay or any other hikes starting from parking lot(s) in Lion's Bay? Is it possible to park anywhere reasonable distance from the trailhead without being ticketed/towed/abused?

Second question - looking at alternative hikes e.g. from Deeks Lake TH - what is the snowline level in the area?

Regarding Deeks Lake, it is open but the lake itself is in the provincial park. I know some people that did it this Saturday and the snowline starts quite close to the lake inside the provincial park. No rangers there. Its a hefty ticket if you are found in a closed provincial park.

Regarding Lions Bay, I don't think they have updated their stance on no hiking or trail access through their community. If you do go, don't post online as it will prompt others to risk it as well. You could always part for TB at the pullout on the S2S and hope you don't get a ticket there as they have 30 minute max parking signs now. Past 4 weekends its been full with no one being towed.
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