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Default F F and more tree vandalism

Went up Flint yesterday for some exercise. There were a few people heading up BCMC trail. Two GVRD workers doing some construction or something near the bottom of the Grind. Trail builders are continuing to do great work on the bottom section of the BCMC, almost up to the 1/4 point now. That was some of the worst parts of the trail, erosion-wise. Snow started after the bluffs.
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Not much traffic on Lions Gate Bridge at 2 in the afternoon. It was very hazy.
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Out of the corner of my eye I see something shiny on the rocks.
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There are two climbing bolts.
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I look down and see a bunch of trees had been cut. Is this another Metro Vancouver scheme to improve the forest? The only thing I can think of is reconnaissance work for the new tram they have been talking about. But these bluffs are in the park, I thought.
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I started heading down BCMC and ran into a warning sign to stay off Grouse lands.
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Went down a bit more and then onto the ski run to get a glimpse of Seymour.
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I took the Larsen and various other trails down, very pleasant in the forest. Didn't see anyone til back at the TH, which wasn't that busy.

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