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Originally Posted by xj6response View Post
Absolutely sensational. I have never been, on foot, to such a high elevation. You deserve huge congratulations.

I know there is little chance I would ever go there, in fact few of us ever will. Your TR gives many of us the chance to visit by proxy and it is so appreciated. This is a TR to just wander through, quietly, with a nice cold beer etc. and just take it all in. Thank you

Thank you. Still much more to come ;=) But this IS not as hard as you might think. Hiking itself is non-technical (i.e. your Elphinstone might be harder in strictly technical terms). Altitude is issue, but you acclimatize. And it doesn't cost nowhere as most think; flying is only major cost, but with enough diligence (air miles, shopping around, shopping early etc etc) that can also be managed. And then Nepal is still dirt cheap. I will have at the end of post --- which is still nowhere in sight, lol -- some sort of breakdown in terms of gear, logistics, prices etc.

(And no, you are NOT too old in your 60's for Annapurna or Nepal. Trust me)
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