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Originally Posted by kaitlyn2004 View Post
My friend has an xterra, and I think they have their place... but I feel like I am putting it in the same arena as the 4runner - capable, but so sucky for the other 90-95% of the driving, especially when you're limited to just 1 car

Not sure what you mean by "sucky for the other 90%-95%". It's my daily driver and I have no issues with it on the road. It does drive more like a truck, but you're going to get that with any of the more capable vehicles (it, like the 4 Runner are built on truck chassis). It has true 4 wheel drive with low gear and a locking diff which is exactly what you want if you're worried about getting stuck in ditches. I've done road trips down to Wyoming and across BC and have no qualms.

One thing I would caution is going new. I bought my Xterra new, and the amount of anxiety I had the first few times I went offroading was palpable. You will get scratches from trees and rocks, you'll scuff the new rims etc. Make sure you're good with that first. Now that its 5 years old, I'm less concerned.
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