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Originally Posted by dpdp View Post
Thanks @kellymcdonald78!

The consensus here seems to be to go CCW if doing both northover ridge and 3 Isle-Turbine in one hike, so I'll plan for that.

The suggestions are to stay two nights either at Aster or Turbine to day hike in the area. Are 3-Isle/Beatty lake less convenient for day hiking?
@zeljkok @kellymcdonald78 where can I find good information on day trips around Aster lake? Since it will be the first day of the trip I don't think my friend will be ready yet to just relax near the camp while I go out on my own, so scrambles are out...

Also - this is a bit beyond where I normally hike (Jasper) so I don't have the book for it and I'm not sure what map to get. Any chance of getting some pics of the relevant pages in the book?
I'd recommend Gillian Dafern's Kananaskis Country Trail Guide Volume 1 (it will cover both Aster Lake and Turbine). The Gem Trek Kananaskis Lakes Map is also a really good one for the area. Around Aster you're mostly above the tree line, so there are lots of options to just explore. There is also a trail up to Marlborough Tarn. Around Turbine there are trails to Haig Glacier and Mt Smith-Dorien. There are several peak bagging options around Three Isle Lake and Beatty Lake and you could definitely make a few days of it at any of these locations.
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