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Originally Posted by Heather Pederson View Post
You can't call the number on the sign because there is no cell reception there.

The gate at the main entrance is for the fsr when logging was done but in the early 80's. It was not put there by the military.....they just use that gate. The actual military training area has its own gate about 7km up the road. The entire fsr is crown land and not DND land. They do restrict access when they do training but again, they don't usually just lock people in. If it was an unmarked trail it would be one thing but the Slesse trail is a designated recreation trail and again on Crown Land and it is reasonable to assume that people use this trail. I think if we just don't go on trails when incidents arise it encourages the further restriction of public land. Vancouver island is horrible for this (locked gates everywhere) and it really isn't right (in my own opinion)

If you see an open gate this is the risk you take, that's just how it goes. What do you mean the Slesse trail is a designated recreation trail. Isn't that road for only for accessing the climbers descent trail from Slesse?, and the Slesse memorial trail is further up Chilliwack Lake road? I know of a climbing party that got locked in behind that gate this summer as well.

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