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Great stuff. Thanks also for your epic HSCT report (!).

Linking back to Lynn via Mtn Hwy does make for a great run-and-hike loop. No need for shuttle, and added benefit of running the Headwaters Trail + descent off Grouse is you can cut quickly through some of those crowds...

For my money the boulder field below Elsay is such a nice companion/alternative to Hanes. Always a joy to hop up or down, and a great way to launch up onto Vicar Ridge and on to Bishop. A favourite fast-paced ‘loop’ is Seymour Parking - Elsay Lake Trl - Elsay Lake - Vicar Lakes - Bishop - Vicar Lakes - Vicar Ridge - Elsay - Elsay boulder field - Elsay Lake Trl - Seymour Parking. Fun in either direction, and you can sub in the ridge/gully Seymour - Elsay route if you want to make it a truer loop. I think different variations of this have been described in detail on CT.
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