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I can confirm that it was actually about 700m of Summer trail that was wiped out. The bridge beneaht the parking lot has also been removed. The area is closed for at least this season, and likely into the winter as there is significant risks of further slides according to geologists who have reviewed what little data is available.

Considering winter access it will actually likely be a lot easier. The area has flattened, and there is effectively straight gentle access all the way to the creek just before the Moraine. In fact the access is so easy there is concern that the area way be easily accessible to snowmobiles. This is of course illegal, as is all mechanized transport, in the Nlhaxen Conservancy Area. Funny enough in April, shortly before the slides the new Land Management Plan was published.

There will be a massive need for trail building in the near future that will be a collaboration between the Keith Flavelle Hut Society and BC Parks (No trails can be created without supervision of BC Parks Staff at this time). Many volunteers will be required, and the VOC has showed interest in helping out. Those who are interested in volunteering should check in the fall, or email the Keith Flavelle Society for details.

I would recommend checking out Lee Lau's site for the best information
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