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Originally Posted by thea View Post
Hi @ChubbyTuna, I just spoke with the owner of Shorebird Expeditions water taxi and she told me that the North Coast Trail was "a walk in the park" compared to the Nootka Trail (I hiked the North Coast Trail in April 2017 over 5 days and I'm not sure I believe her). Anyways, I expressed that I was thinking of doing the Nootka trail over 3 days and she told me that she's never heard of anyone who wasn't running it to complete it in under 3.5 days and she encouraged me to extend my itinerary to at least 4 days. Hope that helps. I am heading over at the beginning of August (probably August 1st or 2nd) and am looking for more folks to split the water taxi ride with. Message me if you're interested!
Hey Thea, we did the North Coast Trail in September of 2017. It would be nice to split the cost with others to bring the price down. I'll ask my friends but I think they are planning for end of August, beginning of September due to how busy they are at work with fire season. Most of the reports that I've read say that the North Coast Trail is harder and I don't see it getting much more difficult than the almost 9 kms of knee deep mud we went through at one point. Have you looked into the cost of a seaplane vs water taxi? I've just started researching costs today so I haven't compared yet.
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