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Thanks for the comments everyone.

@John and Katie - its just one of those areas of Golden Ears that I don't really care about to be honest lol.... just use GE mainly for quick and easy access place to break a sweat, I know the place like the back of my hand and I still occasionally find things I was not aware of... and I look forward to seeing the place evolve... there is some strong interest from various local groups to help build it out... hopefully that all gets more traction over the next few years... there is so much potential but somewhat hampered by large swaths of land on the lower flanks of Alouette that are unaesthetic second growth where the forest floor seems to have not really recovered or even began to recover from the forestry practices.

@martin - Yes, that is definitely doable, but I would suggest winter - lots of undergrowth, devils club, etc... better to do this on a layer of snow.

@KARVITK - No, I collapsed the meetup almost 2 years ago now.

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