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Originally Posted by KARVITK View Post
Hi Andrew, look forward to what you found out. Looking to get back to Baker in a week

Hey Karl.

Was awesome up there. First mile of the trail was pretty much clear of snow turning to intermittent patch's until after maybe two miles was permanent snow. Most of the blowdown was within the first mile of the trailhead. Nothing to nasty. The trailhead isn't quite melted out yet for vehicular traffic so an additional 200m of walking the snow remnants to the trailhead is necessary. There was no parking pass required because of this. The outhouse and trail haven't been serviced yet but will be soon as the road reach's the trailhead.

Set up camp at 6250 feet on a knoll to the right then snowshoe'd up to Heliotrope Ridge itself and did the entire length from north to south at a high point of around 7250 feet until reaching the southern terminus of the ridge. An excellent butt slide ensued back towards camp where a well earned meal and drinks were had.

Snow conditions were terrific for travelling on snowshoe's in the afternoon. The morning they weren't needed. Just micro spikes. Many people were summiting on ski's and boot packing. Some snow boarding as well back from the summit. Could see the route from camp and watched the steady traffic to and fro.

Forgot to mention the road has some decent potholes higher up at the moment but nothing that can't be avoided by any vehicle.

Was wishing I'd brought my crampons and helmet drooling at the prospect of summiting. Some fellas just returning to Hogsback Camp returned in 7 hours conditions were so fine.

Also Helen on Facebook has our pictures if you wish to see them.

Hope this helps

Every journey begins with one small step.

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