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Name:	Campbell lake trail May 1 2019_DSC3464.jpg
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Western Red Cedars on the Campbell Lake Trail.
Nikon D800, iso 140, f16, 1/3 sec, -1 EV. Focal length 21 mm
Single raw photo processed with ACDSee Pro 8
I've passed by these trees many times but was never able to take a good shot until now. In the morning, the front lighting wasn't good so on my way back the sun moved west and side-lit the trees. In addition, the light was diffuse from cloud cover.
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Name:	Chilliwack valley may 3 2019 15-24-27 HF.jpg
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Sword ferns & Red cedar in Chilliwack Valley
Nikon D90, iso 200, f11, 0.625 sec, -0.33 EV, focal length 19 mm
Raw photo processed with ACDSee Pro 8
I used a technique called focus stacking; I took more than 1 shot with different focus points (near and far) and merge them together in Helicon Focus. This gets the foreground of newly emerged fern shoots and background trees into focus.
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Name:	Blue heron reserve may 2 2019_DSC0052.JPG
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Abstract: water ripples on pond at Blue Heron Reserve
Nikon D90, iso 400, f11, 1/160 sec, focal length 85 mm
Single raw photo processed with ACDSee Pro 8
Picked a windy day for ripples to form then zoomed in to photograph using burst mode. Converted photo to black & white since there was little color to the original.
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