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Default 2019 Playoffs...

It's that time of year to repeat what has become a bit of a tradition:
Stanley Cup playoff predictions/updates.

Neither the Canucks or the Habs are present this year (just wait till NEXT year, right?) so I have no dog in this fight.

All that said, let's get onto the FIRST ROUND predictions:

Nashville vs Dallas - I predict this series will go 6 or 7 games, with Nashville eventually emerging as victorious.
Winnipeg vs St. Louis - Even though I am a 'pegger...I see the Jets falling to the Blues in 5 or 6.
Calgary vs Colorado - Tough call...but I'll say Calgary in 7
San Jose vs Las Vegas - Although the Knights did the classic Cinderella run last year, I don't think they'll repeat. Paccioretty usually disappears during the playoffs.
Tampa vs Columbus - The BJ's (hehehe) might squeak out a win...maybe two but Tampa's dominant offense will prevail. Bolts in 5
Boston vs Toronto - Bruins in 6 as the Leafs make their typical first-round exit.
Washington vs Carolina - Capitals in 6 or 7 (although I don't see them repeating as SC champs again).
New York Islanders vs Pittsburgh - Islanders in 6 or 7; Penguins have been inconsistent this season...this doesn't bode well for the playoffs.

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