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Thank you Kokanee75 for those tips on Provincial Parks in BC, they seem very nice too. However, maybe a bit far away from the Vancouver area or the Calgary area. We may have the opportunity to visit Canada for 2 or 3 weeks, so we may not try to catch up with so much and such large distances?

Fun that you meet Swedish girls, funny story It shows I guess that one have to investigate and plan their trip more carefully and find out how things are before they travel.

Thank you zeljkok för that information.

Yes that sounds great point about National Parks vs BC. Yes we definitely want to see from the National Parks as well. Especially number 1: Moraine Lake in Banff. That must be the most beautiful lake and mountains in the world, look absolutely magical! When I googling Canada, pictures always appear on the lake, and that says something. But also as you wrote Lake Louise also very beautiful. And Berg Lake very beautiful too. Those I talked to, many says we don't get to miss to visit Berg Lake.

So we would like to visit at least Moraine Lake, Lake Louise and Berg Lake.

But we would like to do some random, totally backcountry camping in the wild, we few peoples and so on, at least one time, one place, one good area for some days. To get to experience the real wild Canada, once in our lives, it would be a dream come true.

So, the question I guess is what would be best for that, most beautiful, good wildlife, and paved roads for the renting cars. We dont mind paying for rental cars, in the parkings parking lots.

So if you could imagine that you were like us, just had 2-3 weeks, maybe just get to Canada once in your life and never come back. What had you chosen for National parks and random camping sites to combine during your trip?

Thanks again
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