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There are awesome (I guess) Provincial Parks in BC: Edziza, Spatzisi, Tweedsmuir, I suppose many more I have never heard of, look at google maps at the little green spots. Zoom in - they are not so little anymore.

Devon Lakes: there is a bus in Summer between Banff and Lake Louise (Calgary on weekends), and I would say you should try to explore a few of the "typical" areas as well - there is a reason for the popularity. At least you could frolic around for a week without a car. Avoid a long weekend for camping and look on short notice at the booking sites - the only good thing about the abandoned Wilderness Pass is that people will cancel more if they can't go I suppose.

But I'm glad you ask - 2 years ago I met two Swedish girls who thought it works like in Sweden - they took the bus straight from Vancouver to the Rockies and wanted to start hiking for weeks. ;-) What a shame, the many great BC-places they passed without stopping, ending up in the National Parks where everything is regulated and you can't go anywhere without a car - almost. They were pretty frustrated and ended up with the rental car driving too much til Yukon. But I suppose they still had a good time. Secondly they were also early in June with still a lot of snow, so there weren`t many safe places to go.

Oh, and also important: they learned that the bears are behaving differently as well compared to the Swedish companions - I got to know them because I surprised one that tried to get their backpack.

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