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Default Oversize mountaineering boots

Hi all,

Wondering if there are Any good sources to buy US size 15+ mountaineering boots? New or used. I'm looking preferably for a single leather (ie, Scarpa Mont Blanc or LaSportiva Nepal, etc), but a double plastic would suffice too. Not looking for anything more intense than that. I normally wear a US 13 for regular shoes, but for mountaineering boots I'm gathering that I need a size US 15.

As an example, I recently rented boots from a shop that carried the Scarpa Mont Blanc - I was able to try on all of the manufactured sizes (I think they went up to 14?) and none worked. They ended up giving me a Scarpa inverno (double plastic), which apparently is made in larger sizes. This boot did work well.

I am based in Minneapolis,and have already tried the local REI and some other mountain shops in town. Ideally I want to try on anything I am going to buy, but if there are online or out-of-state sources, I'm running out of options at this point!

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