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Default Hiking trail apps

With the recent local spate of lost hikers who used a hiking trail map, I had to question the sanity of these people who only consulted/relied on a hiking app for trail route info. Seems absurd. But consider that on any day, especially on weekends, at any time of year, people of all stripes gather at the same old spots to hike. Some are experienced, other less so and some seem to have never stepped off pavement. Many are ill-dressed, few have backpacks--even in winter!--or communication devices, aside from a cell phone. I think that many of these people would not hesitate to use an app-based map.

To test this theory, very unscientifically, ask one or two friends with no or limited hiking experience the following question:

"A friend calls you and invites you to go hiking on the North Shore for a few hours. They say that they have a map on their phone. Would you go, given that neither of you have been on that hike before?"

Please share your results.
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