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Just wanted to point out that I agree with the post's about a certain group being all over certain things on clubtread which does not lead to a community spirit.

My hiking partner and I often discuss the people on clubtread who post from a very Elitist point of view. Perhaps forgetting that some people are new, beginner's, or not boundary pushing Mountaineers - in this case lets face it for some on here that is ALL YOU GOT going for you. In every other social circumstance you would be the bullied person.

We often discuss - "Hey guys it's just hiking" in terms of some of the perspectives on here. Like cool it.

I agree 100% that this is a dying website and Chris S is likely one of the few that keep it going. But in my opinion it is dying because people are afraid to post and do not want the ridicule from the "LEADERS" on this site.
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