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I broke up with my girlfriend after watching the South Africa's Celebration of Lights fireworks.

I drove to her house at 8:00 pm and gave her a gift of a box of freshly picked figs from my parent's garden. She thanked me for it, and I asked her if she wanted to put the figs in her house. She declined and told me that it was okay to put in my the trunk in my car. When I drove to the fireworks, she didn't mention once about marriage. I had a feeling that she really wanted to watch the fireworks. Even when we walked towards Vanier Park, there was no mention about marriage. There was no mention about marriage while watching the fireworks. However, she began becoming delusional after the fireworks when we were walking away from Vanier Park as she mentioned she saw my mom. She said, "I saw your mom", which was completely untrue. So, guess what? She called my parent's home phone number while walking away in Vanier Park and my Dad picked up the phone and she spoke briefly to my Dad and asked to speak to my mom, which she did.

What really surprised me was that she didn't even wear the engagement ring and she left it at home when we were watching the fireworks. She wore no jewellery at all which was extremely unusual as she always wore earrings, a necklace or her own promise ring. She said she was too busy after showering to wear jewellery. She did put some effort in dressing for the event as she wore a Reitmans sleeveless floral blouse, slim fitting black jeans and purple coloured Adidas Stan Smith leather sneakers. She always dressed appropriately and nicely.

When I was driving home while listen to CBC 105.7 with the jazz music in the background, I told her that I really wanted to get married next year. After hearing about it, she said, "I will break up with you and I will return the engagement ring." She said, "Do you understand that if I get married next year, I will be 37 when the baby is born and that is considered high risk for the baby?" After, she mentioned about death threats towards me if her baby was born with birth defects if she was 37 years old.

After hearing about the acts of violence, I knew it was the right thing to break up with her.

She has a history of violence as she mentioned to me that she punched two individuals in the face during arguments, however she was never engaged in physical violence towards me.

I think my ex-girlfriend has real mental health problems, and she might be bi-polar and told me that she was diagnosed with depression.

When I arrive at her house, she went back to her room picked up the engagement ring and returned it to me while I was sitting in my car. She thanked me for taking care of her and she thanked my parents for dinners she had at their house. I thanked her for teaching me about cooking and all the time she spent time with me. After, she said she didn't want to see me anymore. She said it in a very calm voice and there was no shouting at all. I wonder if it was because I had CBC 105.7FM with their jazz music on during the drive home?

Oh, she never took the figs from my car.
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