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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
I think you have answered your own question. The sooner you pull the plug the better.
Yeah, I think so.

I spoke to her last evening in my car at her house after I picked her up at work.

She was angry at me because I told her having the wedding in October was too early.

She literally took off the engagement ring and told me to keep it and we spoke almost two hours regarding the situation.

I didn't want her to have a mental breakdown, and I didn't want to have sad feelings because she really believed I was going to say "yes" for having the marriage in October.

At the end, I agreed with her and told her that I wanted to have the wedding in October, so I gave the engagement ring back to her.

My mom and my sister have negative feelings for her. She agreed to talk to my mom this weekend at the fireworks regarding why having the wedding in October is important to her. However, I found out today that my mom will not attend the fireworks because she knew my girlfriend will want to go, so I am sure the conversation between them will not happen this weekend.

The absolute deadline to tell her the final answer will be this Sunday because she has to submit her vacation form for the entire year for her workplace ó she needs to take time off work before the wedding.

I will probably tell her the breakup will just happen this evening when I pick her up from work.

I really believe she is a really special person, but her changed personality, threats towards me and my family with her marriage ultimatum has been a real turn off for my family and me.
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