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Originally Posted by zeljkok View Post
yes, certainly bit strange post for this forum ;=)

Echo Russell. I am far away from being relationship specialist, but ultimatums, threats to "show dark side" etc. can not be solid foundation to build something that is supposed to last. Meatloaf "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" comes to mind. There is lots of other fish in the sea.
I asked her what the "dark side" meant and she didn't want to tell me. I told that she was scaring me with that phrase.

She studied computer science in school, and she landed a computer related job in Vancouver. She didn't like her job that much due to the lack of job security and it lacked benefits, but the pay was very decent.

Now she has a full-time job in a casino with good benefits. Her personality took a change ever since she started working in the casino, which wasn't a surprise for me because casinos attract not so good people.
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