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A little crazy, but very doable.

I'm a fan of Swedish canoe carts.
Low centre of gravity and large diameter tires.

Though my experience is that carts only work on the most groomed trails. Think Bowron or old roads.

Bring the cart and some pulling/harness ropes.
Be prepared to throw the cart on the kayak and drag for sections.
Keep the boat on the cart empty.
Use four straps (if possible on a kayak) and your cart will never move around. Use two and you will constantly be fighting to keep the boat and cart aligned.

Pull the boat from the stern if possible, especially if the boat is long and your cart is short.
Position the cart asymmetrical (closer to the bow of the boat) so you can stand more upright (without the tail hitting the ground) as you pull on the stern of the boat going forward.
The bow rocker will allow you to stand up taller while pulling from the stern and give you more clearance through deep/rough sections with the tail of the boat.

Good luck and Thanks for picking up the garbage out there.
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