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Default Portaging advice?

Last year I found a kayak on a remote beach. This spring it was still there, and I have some free time coming up, so I am considering portaging it out. It is a plastic sit upon kayak, and solo paddling it out on open ocean (3+ days based on ocean kayak reports I've read, this one would take longer) isn't really a safe choice. It also seemed quite heavy, though I didn't check at the time if it was just filled with water. So for a ~13 km portage, with a trail where I may be able to use a caddy for 80-90% of it, is this reasonable or am I talking crazy? The 'good' part of the trail is mostly level but with mud holes and roots, the bad parts I will be dragging it over logs, through very rough terrain and other obstacles. I quite understand that this portage will likely take 2 days. I am a backpacker and my own gear would weigh ~20lbs plus food/water.

I would also be looking at getting a kayak caddy on a budget, and am wondering if there is anything I would need to consider beyond bigger wide tires and a high load capacity.
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