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Candy Sack
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Originally Posted by kellymcdonald78 View Post
All I've seen are articles from anti-pipeline advocates that it will increase gasoline costs, and pro-pipeline advocates that it will reduce them.
Thus the jab about bias- just a joke. I didn't even post the Robyn Allan piece.

Anyway, since most opposition is in BC and we're the ones holding up the show, and BC has the most to lose and least to gain (between BC and AB), it has a lot to do with what BC gets out of it. We're the ones needing convincing.

Regarding your post about declining park ranger numbers between 2001 and 2016 (, ya that sounds about right. Those dates correspond quite well to the Liberal premierships of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, so it's about what we'd expect. Thanks for the reminder. It's also off topic, as I was talking about oil spills in national parks, not rangers in provincial ones.
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