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Originally Posted by Lythe View Post
One can't always pick, but as far as facts go, it is rated pretty high. This article is at least more informative than the common news sources, which seem to have gotten stuck on the BC vs Alberta loop and aren't actually contributing anything useful.

In short, Alberta wants the pipeline for the oil exports, BC is concerned about the environment, and I'm yet to be convinced Kinder Morgan is all that concerned about the environment and is happy to let Alberta do their work for them and BC take the fall for Kinder's mismanagement. Seriously, I feel the smarter move for Alberta would have been to assist and/or push Kinder Morgan to take the environmental factor more seriously, but everyone seems happy to stick to their hill to die on. Maybe no pipeline isn't the way to go, but forcing it through isn't either, and as long as Alberta/Trudeau keep to that stance they'll find no sympathy here.

The problem is that in most cases this ask is disingenuous as the goal posts keep moving. For many on the opposing side, there is absolutely nothing that will be sufficient. There will never be enough stakeholder engagement, never enough indigenous consultations, never enough environmental protections, never enough design improvements. No matter how many hoops, conditions, or recommendations are met, it will never be good enough. The goal isn't to improve the outcome, it's to run out the clock, or make the project so expensive it's no longer viable. If I were in Kinder Morgan's shoes, why would I bother to invest to meet an even higher set of standards (the proposed Trans Mountain expansion already exceeds just about any measurable pipeline standard) if it won't shift the perspectives or views of those opposed. They could spend years and billions of dollars with no effect.

An additional phase of reviews at the NEB, nope insufficient and corrupt. Meet Clark's 5 conditions, nope not sufficient. $1.5B federal investment in spill response, nope not enough. Alberta putting a price on carbon, phase-out of coal fired generation and signing on to Canada's plan to meet our Paris Accord agreements, nope, no social license for you. Even Horgan and Weaver have been evasive if they would even respect a Supreme Court ruling in favor of federal powers.

There are also many that seem to find BC's protestations about protecting the environment to be hypocritical considering that coal is BCs largest single export, followed by copper concentrates and forestry products.
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