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Originally Posted by Lythe View Post
Found it.
Determined by Kinder Morgan themselves.

No, this is Robyn Allan's opinion of what the impact on BC motorist could be. What her opinion fails to account for is the existing crude by rail that is coming into Vancouver for both export and to supply local refineries. Per barrel rail costs are in the $10 ber barrel range (its a big reason why Western Canadian Select sells at such a discount, because of the high shipping costs). So while costs for oil going through the pipeline may go up, the cost for oil currently being shipped by rail that will move to the new pipleline will come down. The analysis also doesn't factor in the cost of the feedstock itself (looking only at pipeline toll charges), what impact increased supply will have on the price of the crude at the Burnaby terminal depends on who you ask.

Again this is nothing by a biased op-ed from someone opposed to the pipeline. Just as others are predicting the complete opposite

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