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Originally Posted by TheShadow View Post
I think every protester should read this....over and over and over, until they understand it....and more importantly, until they understand that their actions are leading to this exact scenario.
Are they against pipelines and tanker traffic EVERYWHERE, or just here?
My main problem is that oil companies are playing cowboy, focusing on profit and trashing our environment in their eagerness to get oil to the market. The biggest delays with the pipeline (the legal challenges may be ongoing, but aren't the cause for the delays) is Kinder Morgan itself. It's not even meeting the requirements the NEB set as part of permission to build this pipeline.

The oil will get to the market one way or another now or in future. The whole point is that when the demand subsides, we can look back and say yes, we still have a beautiful home, and we didn't destroy the natural beauty that is irreplaceable, and playing an ever increasing part in our economy
If you look at Alberta, oil spills are a daily thing, with poor cleanup, and you don't have to research very hard to find evidence of contaminated land that isn't or can't get cleaned up. I don't want that to happen to my home, and if you look at the statistics for ocean spill crude cleanup, 15% recovery rate isn't very much, even land spills average only 43% recovery.
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