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A lot of focus is being put on BC vs Alberta. Very few people are talking about the real delays which are primarily Kinder Morgan, failing to meet the requirements set by the NEB for the federal approval, and doing a piss poor job of planning the whole pipeline, deceiving both us and their investors. Seriously, if this pipeline goes in, it should be done as safe as possible. Jobs and economy are all good, but there are very good reasons the environmentalists are upset, and the cost of disaster cleanup (never mind the long term impact) far outweighs the economical benefits of pushing it through nilly willy. Protests aside, all the delays are legal, and we don't want some texas cowboys trampling all over our neighbourhood for what essentially is their profit.

And to add insult to injury, the extra oil isn't destined for BC, but for foreign markets, while BC gets to pay the increased pipeline transportation costs in the form of fuel increases. Can you blame us for being upset?
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