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I gave up on filters 8 years ago ! I have used an MSR MIOX Purification system for those 8 years and have never had any issue. They are still available on E-Bay. But instead of using the whole ridiculous "dip and fill and shake" cap system, I simply carry a small 50 mL dropper bottle of brine solution. I ditched the entire cap-and-salt assembly and have never looked back ! My mountaineer friend has used the MIOX since it first came out; we both have guided groups of people and provided water for all of them. In a combined 18 years of experience, and scores of people; we have NEVER had anyone get so much as a stomach ache or the trots... No pumping, no clogging, extremely light weight, effortless ! The only caveat is to keep this thing CLEAN ! My brine solution is made from pure rock salt (non-iodized) and I.V. grade saline. At the end of every trip, I rinse the electrode chamber with hot distilled water to keep them clean... 8 years and NO issues....
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