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Ultimately you should choose your clothes by the intensity of your expected activities as well as the weather conditions you plan to be out in.

Hunters are moving slowly. Cross-country skiiers are moving really fast. Hunters wear camo and wool. Cross-country skiiers wear stretchy lycra bodysuits.

Wool can be warm but it absorbs water and gets heavy. Lycra bodysuits cut the wind and stretch really well without binding when moving quickly.

Snowshoeing and winter camping are really two different things. If you try to wear exactly the same clothes for both you will either freeze when camping or overheat when moving.

Ideally you'll get something warmer to layer up with when stationary (camping) like some fuzzy long underwear/tights, and a snow-shedding, water-resistant layer (wp/b or softshell) for moving (wear when snowshoeing, or to wear over top of warm layer when stationary).
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