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These are all good points, but my primary application is not for busy places -- Garibaldi, WCT, Robson etc ,but remote back-country where few people go. I.e. I'm thinking of backpacking to historic Howse Pass this April when Howse River is still low & you can walk all the way in river flats. Almost guaranteed not to see a soul 4-5 days. Bears aside, this area is also known to be home to pack of wolves.

Here is one interesting scene I stumbled onto hiking Howse Flats mid-April couple of years ago:

[Who / what did this?? lobo thinks bear killed another bear!]

Can't escape feeling canister would simply be safer; but 5 days trip is significant in terms of weight one has to carry & ursack would be better. So there is not clear-cut line that can decidedly say "this is better" or "that is better" I think --
which is why I started thread in the first place, to hear what people think (great feedback btw, thanks!)

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