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Originally Posted by kossi View Post
Sorry if my question is dumb: Are these sacks or containers also necessary (or do you use them) when there are food hangig cables or lockers?
Basically: I have found my canister really useful in busy places... not strictly nessecary but Iíve been happy to have it.

Long winded explaination of the above:
When I was on the West Coast Trail in the summer two years ago the lockers were very full and I liked that I could have my stuff outside the locker if I needed to. When there was room in the lockers I liked that people werenít squishing my stuff and that there was pretty much no risk of stuff falling out or a bag getting snagged. The barrel is easy to clean if something sticky from another camperís stuff drips on it and squish proof (I swear I am not actually anti-social). I had a pretty light pack weight and the way I pack my pack for backpacking it feels simple and tidy to use the barrel. Basically I was happy to carry extra pounds for my convienance to keep my stuff feeling clean/organized.

Iíve also loved having it in Garbaldi. It is insane there in the summer. My older sister and I went on a siblings camp trip and we liked having our stuff safe from the mice and frankly, other camperís carelessness (due to inexperience and lack of attention not malice).

Basically the more busy the place and the less experienced I think people might be where I am going the more I want my barrel. The WCT and Garabaldi are two notoriously busy places during peak season... less peak locations at less peak times make lockers or hangs much simpler and enjoyable. Really though you are okay with out it.

I use this one.
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