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Larger is not so good - you have to heat up too much unused space - if there is a better fitting women's model, take it. (or at least don't take long if there's a regular 180).
Your bag sounds so warm that you will barely have to close it, it can work at least as a half blanket for both of you.

Mammut/Ajungilak used to make good bags when it was only Ajungilak... the Kompakt 3-season with MTI filling (this shop used to have some nice offers here and there but probably not anymore... check elsewhere as well - several lengths - if you take the shortest possible it will also be lighter, a bit less bulky). The fabric was VERY cozy - it's a bit heavier but I assume it will be sufficient for all occasions. They have a lot of other 3-season-called bags, but I don't know what makes these so much cheaper - they must be worse.

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