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Generally you have better or: more choices in Europe - if you are not planning to buy a Western Mountaineering or so (which would be quite exaggerated IMHO).

Your Carinthia seems to be a bit exaggerated as well... but if you have it - you could look for a much lighter bag for her (closer to 1 kg) and if it's a bit cold you have yours as a backup. Down works but if you feel bad about the geese take synthetic which will be a bit heavier and bulkier. Mountain Hardwear Lamina is a good synthetic choice.
Depending on how much you want to spend a bag from e.g. Globetrotters house brands can do the trick as well. Overall I'm not familiar with the current prices, sometimes astonished if I take a look... so I would go for something on sale.

(just checked Globetrotter: seems sleeping bags are getting more and more expensive whereas the quality deteriorates- maybe check Cumulus, Mysterious Traveller is still not too bad, 500 if you can live a bit on the edge, 700 if you want to be safe - one can customize the bags regarding length depending on her height and maybe also the filling - if they shorten the bag and fill the same amount you get a warmer one)

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