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Originally Posted by Candy Sack View Post
So Mt Garibaldi is named after Giuseppe Garibaldi, the famous 19th century Italian mountaineer? If you say so.
No, I don't say so. Actually nobody says so, except me in a dumb-ass CT post after two glasses of Italian red wine. I think i was inspired! LOL

"In 1860, while carrying out a survey of Howe Sound on board the Royal Navy survey ship HMS Plumper, Captain George Henry Richards was impressed by a gigantic mountain dominating the view to the northeast. Captain Richards, and his officers, renamed the mountain after the Italian military and political leader Giuseppe Garibaldi, who that year had succeeded in unifying Italy by patriating Sicily and Naples". I don't think Giuseppe ever climbed as much as the hill to his local pizzeria LOL

There's a fish named after him too. How did that happen?

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