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interesting discussion, one that i've had elsewhere for years. Some time ago I purchased the book "Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names" for more insight to the many coastal places I have been to. In the mid 90's I was given a gift by the Gitxsan Wet'suwet'en people in Hazelton, for work done for them in forest ecology and resource survey work. It was a map with ALL the original native place names in the region. Some of these were actually very funny when translated. For example, two breast shaped local summits were correctly translated as "Big Tits Mountains" and another hill as "Big Ass Mountain". NO sexism intended here, those are the facts.

Many of our local south coast names came from Caps Richards during his intense survey of 1860+/- a few years. He even named Mt Garibaldi after the Italian climber. I actually visited the village of Elphinstone in Tranent, Scotland about 15 years ago where the Elphinstones family had their peerage from the 1400's. The village was named for a dark ages witch who turned her servant elves into stone, or Elph-in-stone. Every time i hike up there I'm reminded of that trip.

I personally like seeing the aboriginal names on signs and i appreciate reading what those names originally meant. Place names are meaningful.

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