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Regarding the naming of features, Mt Arrowsmith was named after Aaron Arrowsmith and his nephew, John Arrowsmith, two English cartographers.

The native names for the mountain were, from the west, Kuth-Kah-Chulth (that which has sharp pointed faces), as seen from Port Alberni. From the east (Qualicum/ Parksville) the natives called it “The Sleeping Maiden”. I haven’t yet found the native pronunciation.

From the beach, in Parksville or Qualicum, it does look like a woman on her back, with Mt Cokely being her face and with the upper ski slopes being her hair, the “Bumps” being her breasts, the main summit her clasped hands over her stomach and the “South Summit” being her feet.

Another interesting note is, on the Arrowsmith maps drawn in 1822 and 1848, Vancouver Island is clearly labeled “Wakash Nation”. Also, the body of water between the Island and the Mainland is labeled as Georgia Straight, so I assume “Sailish Sea” is a modern name, to honour First Nations.
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