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Sounds good. I guess you can decide along the way about any changes. Two years ago it was said during the orientation that Cullite Cove was basically washed away, not recommended to stay there. I think some people stayed there anyway. (I didn't like Camper Creek that much)
Make the side trip to the sea lions on day 1 - I didn't think the light house was that interesting, but you have plenty of time.

We stayed at Tsocowis Creek and Bonilla, I liked both. Walbran looked nice as well, good for a swim.
At Tsusiat the bear box was hidden in the trees, to the left if you stand in front of the falls, you have to climb over some dead logs and look into the bushes to find a little path (there is also an outhouse). Most people stayed at the outlet to the right maybe because they saw the other outhouse and the bear box used to be on the right - washed away as well. But everything is explained in detail during the orientation. It was just not that easy to find this bear box.
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