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I was fortunate enough to stumble on to this discussion just before my trip out to BC and Golden Ears Park this summer. I was eager to take my family up Gold Creek and up to Golden Ears Peak. It's been many years since I was in the area. I frequented the area a lot in my younger days. I first hiked to the lower and upper falls in 1976 and although the intent that day was to hike to the Burma Bridge we never did. I did not actually find the Burma Bridge till 1979 only to have the park take it down later that same year. The Park's staff said it was becoming a hazard and a liability. I do not have a personal photo of the bridge but I have attached a scan from an old hiking guide book I still have. It gives you an idea of what it looked like. After the bridge was taken down my preferred crossing was at what is now called "hikers beach" about half a km upstream: as long as water levels permitted.
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The photos in this thread inspired me to do some exploring while I was in the park. I was curious what could be found on the other bank (east side). Not as much to be seen but I did find cable, some rotting board walk and faded trail (see photos attached). You cannot find it that easy from the East Canyon trail.
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The area has changed a lot since the late 70s; some natural change - washouts and forest growth - but a lot of change by very recent trail "improvements." The trail used to have a lot of character but now at the new crossing it is a wide groomed/gravelled path. What was once a skid road left by the loggers is now gone.

We hiked up to Golden Ears Peak and was amazed how much growth is now shading the trail (old logging road) from Alder Flats to the part that then goes up to the ridge. Too bad about the old hollow tree being cut down. Another thread talks about that. I was not impressed with the new shelter which looks half finished. Old cabin was better.

As for the comment/question on Burke Falls, I believe it was used to refer to the upper falls. There are only two sets of falls.

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