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Originally Posted by Redbeard View Post
Hahaha! Sasquatches and searches for gold have come up a couple times now recently... Coincidence?

Yes, I do know your thoughts on links being added to the text in our posts and support you wholeheartedly. I don't blame you at all, but it's unfortunate that yet another long-time CTer is signing off. For the time being, I've (perhaps naively) decided to hang around, use a disclaimer on my posts, and push back on the site admin until things change or I, too, get banned. I backed up all my posts (that weren't already duplicated on Wordpress) in MS Word docs a week or two ago just in case I got banned and my posts were deleted.
As someone who has been lurking on here for 2 years prior to ever posting a trip report, I truly appreciate everyone who has contributed to ClubTread. For individuals such as myself who have only been exploring British Columbia's wilderness for a short period of time, your contributions are invaluable and perhaps have even saved lives. Whatever the case is for anyone wishing to leave, I respect your decisions although I would like to keep in touch. Sharing ideas, experiences and memories help everyone here.

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