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Originally Posted by StevenSong View Post
I really don't know why to be honest... Maybe the few folks like me and Vern has set the standard too high..
No. It has nothing to do with you, or Vern or any other individual. It is rather general sentiment about the site direction. You don't go out to the mountains with someone if you don't enjoy his/her company, right? Same here. People dislike adds, interface, not being mobile friendly (very important!) ... but more than anything lack of care. And then it snowballs. One person leaves, and this drags 10 other people along. Just look at Rockies forum, that was once bursting with all kinds of reports and info; now if I wouldn't post and maybe PhilR on occasion, it would sit completely dead

What hold site is enormous heritage built over the years. But with this direction it will dry out. I've seen many examples like that in Internet industry over the years.
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