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Originally Posted by russellcoffin View Post
I very much agree. I think its its super important having these discussion forums as Instagram is a fun but not useful source for sharing detailed information on trips. With that being said, It takes me about an hour to write a half-assed TR and that's mostly because of how difficult the interface is. I now only use my laptop it seems like for writing these trip reports or google earth haha. Also unfortunately, most of my generation cares about getting the perfect photo at Joffre lakes or Tunnel Bluffs so a future in peak baggers is pretty slim. But I guess that's a different situation...
Instagram is for spreading out photos and reaching out to more people. Fun indeed. But terrible at beta sharing. For the kind of beta I need it offers literally ZERO. Instead it literally took me a visual tour to Europe Alps, Nepal and Pakistan everyday.. I felt like I've already climbed the Matterhorn even though I still don't even know where exactly it is.... It probably wouldn't do me a favour on finding trip partners neither but it IS a good tool for self promotion and building one's own status and brand.

Forums like this one cannot be substituted (that's why I'm still checking it...)..

I do notice a decline in the arising of "new peak-baggers" in the last couple years. And I also notice a lot of "old peak-baggers" are quitting or transitioning into other forms of activities... I really don't know why to be honest... Maybe the few folks like me and Vern has set the standard too high..
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