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Originally Posted by StevenSong View Post
... Forums like this has an advantage of being "in between" but now both sides are going downhill. If I see interesting peakbagging trip reports posted here I might comment but I feel lazy to say "good job" to every Elk Mountain trip report. Almost all serious people have left.
Yeah, kind of sad the downturn of CT. I think the painful interface, intrusive ads and the prior major security breach have degraded the experience and diminished the user base. CT posters still put up amazing photos and unique reports but for a site that should be trying to drive traffic to itself, it's failing miserably.

These days most of my hiking online interaction is via a Vancouver Island FB group with thousands of members, very active commentary and up to date info on nearly every hike/climb/scramble on the island. I'm no fan of social media, much prefer a CT format, but social media is where the current info is and active posters reside. The CT format, as it is, can't compete. Tragic.

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