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Originally Posted by Redbeard View Post
I personally don't feel the site is over-moderated, but I appreciate Candy Sack's comment about the lack of comments. I'm guilty of this myself. I don't want to derail the thread, which is about VigLink primarily, but on the side-topic of CT's long-term viability, I always appreciate comments on my posts and need to be better about commenting on others, even if all I have to say is a brief "Nice one!" or "Great pics!"
Not really following this thread and no clue what's going on here about the debates, but I absolutely second this lack-of-interaction thing... Lack-of-comment makes the trip report posters feel like talking to themselves hence why bother..

I used to contribute here but not so much anymore. I think almost everyone knows my site and that's my long term beta storage. As long as wordpress isn't down the trip report will always be there... Facebook and Instagram is now where I seek social interactions. I can post one picture on Instagram plus a simul-post to Facebook. Within 2 days I can generate hundreds of likes plus 20+ comments. Some are discussions, some are beta inquiries and some will share their own beta and trip experience. So why bother.. They together has done a substitution... Forums like this has an advantage of being "in between" but now both sides are going downhill. If I see interesting peakbagging trip reports posted here I might comment but I feel lazy to say "good job" to every Elk Mountain trip report. Almost all serious people have left.
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