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Regarding the disclosure comment, firstly every link does say "link added by viglink" when hovered over, secondly viglink "badge" disclosure is something specific to the FTC, Canada has different guidelines hence the message.

Regarding the previous threads in the support section, it looks like they've all been addressed. This leads me to believe that as it stands the problem is essentially viglink. So if that is not the case then tell me what problems are still present. If it is the case, viglinks pay for the site's overhead and operation, comparable ad affiliates that cover that cost as well are far more obtrusive and cause significant lag. You are entitled to post whatever disclosures you like in your reports, you're well within your rights on that, I can't and absolutely wouldn't stop you.

End of the day, whether or not I'm a hiker says nothing to the fact that I don't want this site to fail. You can take that as you will, you can assume the community is rolling their eyes and you can tell me where to go all you want. I'll still be here singing the same tune.

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