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Originally Posted by Redbeard View Post
I personally don't feel the site is over-moderated, but I appreciate Candy Sack's comment about the lack of comments. I'm guilty of this myself. I don't want to derail the thread, which is about VigLink primarily, but on the side-topic of CT's long-term viability, I always appreciate comments on my posts and need to be better about commenting on others, even if all I have to say is a brief "Nice one!" or "Great pics!"

absolutely. (It is funny though that Candy brings this up, yet he is one that never has + comment for anybody else). But it is all part of bigger picture; if you don't have good vibe about the site, it is hard to feel enthusiastic & provide support.

I agree though, this thread is about viglinks & sorry if I derailed it. IMHO it is now more than essential to have it removed considering how the community, smart part that is left, feels about it.
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