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Originally Posted by VSadmin View Post
Let's start this again. Assume I'm a fresh set of eyes. I also work directly with the upper management. I can tell you plainly viglink for guest view is not going away. That is off the table. So what else has rendered this site unusable and chased off the community. From what I understand things were on the up particularly when Dayle stepped in to help. So give me the list. What is actually wrong here what I can fix I will, what I have to escalate I will, what is unchangeable like viglink I'll let you know.

Kyle if you check out Site Feedback and Suggestions you will find no shortage of issues and topics for discussion about how things could be improved around here. The fact that you ask us what areas need improvement when there are threads/posts dedicated to those questions is not very inspiring. So do some reading. Dayle seemed to show an interest in improving the site. Since then it seems we've had a revolving door of administrators.

I echo the sentiments about the ads.

However, I will offer this challenge to members and users. Any forum, despite its shortcomings, is only as productive as its members. If we only look and don't comment, what's the point? The "like" button is lame and has correlated with diminishing comments. I don't chase likes, but I like discussion, feedback, and genuine interest. If you like something, say so and tell why. There's no way a TR should be posted on CT and get no comments-- no wonder people aren't bothering anymore! Not only is it more difficult to post TR's than it used to be, but there isn't nearly as much commentary.

I've been hanging around since 2009, back when heated arguments took place and new TR's came out daily. Those were better times. The site wasn't over-moderated and it was a free space to talk anything outdoors. Now it looks the same as every VerticalScope forum, lacks character, is cliquey, and is cumbersome. And also full of ads....
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